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If you are building Shopify or BigCommerce stores, Rewind Backups is a no-brainer addition to your tech stack. Join our Agency Partner Program for access to resources, support, and revenue sharing.

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Why join our Partner Program

Client Store Protection

Protect your clients’ stores. Rewind any mistakes and avoid delayed launches.

Additional Revenue Stream

Add a new revenue stream for your agency by educating your clients about backups.

New Leads

Generate leads through our Partner Directory and various co-marketing opportunities.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Gain access to our channels through blog posts, newsletters, interviews, and more.

Dedicated Partner Manager

Work with a dedicated Partner Manager to provide the best support to your clients.

Partner Education

Get access to Agency Partner Library for product training and client resources.

Why Rewind belongs in your tech stack

When building ecommerce stores, things can easily go wrong. Clients make mistakes, changes are being made to the theme code, 3rd party apps cause issues. These problems can easily delay your launch date and cost your team additional hours to fix.

Believe us – we’ve seen a merchant lose thousands of dollars in sales while their agency scrambled to fix the store. Needless to say, it soured their relationship.

With Rewind installed in the stores you’re working on, you can quickly undo mistakes and keep the project on track.

Most merchants are simply unaware that Shopify or BigCommerce doesn’t give them access to account backups. It comes as a complete surprise at the worst possible time. By educating your clients about the importance of backups during the development phase, you can prevent a lot of lost time and money for the both of you down the line.

We know that you only recommend products and vendors that you believe in and that will treat your clients well. We respect that. Our team doesn’t believe in or use pushy sales tactics. When you submit a referral, you can even opt-out of our team reaching out to your client. And you’ll be happy to know that Rewind is the top-rated backup and restore app in both the Shopify and BigCommerce app stores, with 1,500+ combined reviews. Rewind is also the only Shopify Plus Certified backups app.

We pitch Rewind if a merchant has a lot of people in the back end or a lot of people touching things. This provides security and peace of mind that they can restore data if something goes wrong.

Emily Moss
Co-Founder @ Alt & Dot
Emily Moss Alt Dot

Merchants getting acclimated to Shopify can accidentally delete or do something they shouldn’t. Rewind is a time-saver and an insurance to help us recover what was deleted instead of having to rebuild.

Michael Morales
Co-Founder of MauKau
Michael Morales MauKau

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you join Rewind’s Agency Partner Program, you don’t become a sales rep. Your role is to educate your clients about the limitations of what Shopify and BigCommerce offer in terms of backups and that Rewind is a recommended solution. (We have plenty of content to help you). You are paired with a dedicated account manager who, if needed, can help onboard your clients onto the right plan and answer any questions.

We love collaborating with our partners on co-marketing activities! Here are some of the ways we have supported our partners through co-marketing:

  • Social media coverage
  • Client case studies
  • Video interviews
  • Guest blog posts
  • Ebook chapters
  • Podcast guest speakers
  • Webinars and virtual events
  • Meetups and events
  • Newsletter feature

We’re also always open to new co-marketing ideas and opportunities to collaborate!

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